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Easter Revision Classes

Easter revision classes for the English and Maths GCSE exams will be held at our tutor centre in Altrincham during the Easter holidays. Parents can book group lessons or one-to-one tuition now.

It’s advisable for students to start revising for their summer exams as soon as possible. Cramming at the last minute isn’t very effective and it’s very stressful. Easter revision classes give students the perfect opportunity to consolidate what they’ve learnt so far and allow the tutors to identify their strengths and weaknesses. Once any areas of weakness have been identified, the tutors can focus on them and make sure they are addressed.

Many students find it difficult to stick to their revision timetables because there are so many distractions at home – mobile phones, tablets, computers, television and music systems. Attending revision classes taught by subject specialists will ensure that students use their spare time productively and make progress. Tutors can make challenging subject areas easier to understand and they will show students exactly what they have to do to achieve an A* answer.

It’s not easy to study alone either. Some students find it difficult to motivate themselves when they have to spend so much time revising on their own. Working with a tutor and attending revision classes with other students who are in the same boat makes revision more pleasant and enjoyable. Students can expect plenty of encouragement from our tutors and each other. Revising with someone else and talking through what has been learnt helps information stick.

Easter revision classes also boost confidence. We want all our students to feel like gladiators armed with all the right knowledge and techniques needed to successfully tackle their English and Maths exams this summer.

This article in The Guardian explains in more detail why Easter revision classes are so beneficial:

The Easter parade

Easter Revision Classes in Altrincham

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